Indium Ingot

Indium Ingot

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Product Name Indium Ingot

Execute the standard YS/T257-2009

Grade In4N5

Main use For the production of various alloys, special solders, coatings, production of high-purity indium, etc.

Properties Silver-white metal, soft, good plasticity and ductility. Density 7.31g/cm3, melting point 156.2℃

Specifications: 4N5


Impurity content: (%) A single impurity element is less than 0.0005

Uses: Because of its strong light permeability and electrical conductivity, it is mainly used for the production of ITO targets (for the production of liquid crystal displays and flat-panel screens), which is the main consumption area of indium ingots, accounting for 70% of the global indium consumption. The next few consumer areas are: electronic semiconductors, accounting for 12% of global consumption; solders and alloys, 12%; and research, 6%.

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